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Miyamoto Musashi - the legendary swordsman from Japan

Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) - «saint of sword», a legendary warrior who did not lose a single fight. He conducted more than sixty fights yet till he was twenty nine years old.

Miyamoto Musashi wrote about different aspects of Ways of Sword so, that a novice could study his text on the basis of the luggage. Technician Musashi attached not only to military strategy, but to any situation, where tactic is required. The Japanese businessmen even now use this tactic as guidance on business practice, conducting campaigns of sale as soldiery operations, using those energetic methods.

The Book of Five Ringsis a famous book on the military art of Miyamoto Musashi wrote for two years to death, moving away in a cave for the prosecution of the spiritual testament.

Here already more than 300 years this labour of famous medieval fencer is used by millions of people, thus an application domain extends from state government and military strategy bases to the methods of conduct of business.

In Japan and row of the Asiatic countries The Book of Five Ringsis a table book for any respecting himself businessman and considered a train aid on the conduct of business.

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