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Assassins were a terrorist cult of accomplished killers that cut a wide
and bloody gash across the face of the Middle East before stabbing
at the very heart of Europe. Like ninjas in middle-ages Japan they were exatly as hidden and dangerous They were I definitely would not like to face with one of them.

One never knew when they would strike, and there was nothing that could be done to scare them off. Indeed, when captured they went to their deaths eagerly, joyfully, How can one deal with men who do not fear death?

In the late 11th century, Hasan ibn Sabbah, forced from his studies in Cairo, returned to his home in southern Persia, acquired a mountain fortress by hook or by crook, and created a cult of killers who terrorized the Middle East for centuries to come.

Fearless when facing sunlit scimitars on bright battlefields of glory, ready to lay down their lives at a moment's notice for lord and crown, even the bravest of European knights quickly learned to quake at the thought of an Assassin's poisoned cup that no man could guard against; the silent strangler's cord dropped by an Assassin from above, and the unseen Assassin's dirk striking from the shadows.

The true origin of the word assassin was a misinterpretation of either Hashimite (persons having common ancestry with the prophet Muhammed; from Hashim, Muhammed's greatgrandfather), or Hasanites, followers of Hasan... The other version says that the word "assassin" comes from the word "ḥashīsh", or "dry herb" in Arabic. The legend says that assassins used hashish regularly.

If you got interested about the story of Assassins and would like to learn more of their deadly techniques and feel the setting and the atmosphere of that time yourself then I recommend you to get this book Assassins: The Deadly Art Of The Cult Of The AssassinsAssassins: The Deadly Art Of The Cult Of The Assassins or this videogame Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition.Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Edition In this game its creators completly restored the cities in which the action takes place exactly according to the real ancient maps of the place. It's just amazing.

If you know more about assassins feel free to share your point of view.

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